AI & Big Data

We are masters at time series / IoT data and creating Machine Learning systems capable of learning from the collected IoT data and
providing incredible business value through detection and predictions.

Machine Vision / OpenCV

Cloud Services & Infrastructure

Cloud is the central hub of IoT, making it possible to collect, process, transform, and store the vast amounts of data that IoT devices generate. From AWS to Azure, Google to Bluemix, we have the experience needed to create scalable, secure Cloud solutions that are precisely tuned for IoT.

Amazon Web Services
Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud Platform
IBM Bluemix

Custom Applications

Applications are the way your customers experience your brand and consume the information from your IoT and AI solution. Web and mobile applications are an important piece of the IoT ecosystem. Excelion’s experience
building scalable IoT applications can help you grow from prototype to hundreds of thousands of devices.

Web Applications
Mobile Applications
HMI & Dashboards
Custom Interface Tools


”Things” are the cornerstone of the IoT. Our hardware experience ranges from sensor and micro-controller integration on micro-devices to gateway device design and implementation. Equally important as the hardware itself is the software the powers it - and Excelion has a broad range of  experience ranging from RTOS to embedded Linux to drive your IoT devices.

Hardware Connectivity
Asset Tracking
GPS, Cellular, WiFi, ZigBee, LoraWan

Every IoT journey begins with connection. Connect your equipment so that you can start collecting the data to take action.


This is how your customers and internal teams consume the valuable insights you have uncovered through data collection.


We are experts in time series data and can help you find insights of which you were previously unaware.

Amazon Web Services
Google Cloud
Microsoft Azure

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