Building a Responsible AI System

Part of Dataiku's "Distilled Data" series, Excelion Partners, Alation, and Dataiku presented on the concept of "Building a Responsible AI System". 

Data Governance in Enterprise AI

The use of data across roles and industries has become (and will continue to become) increasingly restricted. However, this doesn’t require a pause or paralyzation in data use. Organizations must implement tighter processes around the use of data in the enterprise and a sense of responsibility down to the individual. 

This video is for your review if you missed the March 24th, 2021 event for Distilled Data with Alation and Excelion Partners. It features a demonstration of Alation, Dataiku , and Snowflake integrated for responsible analytics. It includes a fireside chat with GE Aviation on Data Governance, concluding with a beer and cheese tasting experience.