Analytics Anecdotes Podcast - Episode 7: Lizeth Medina-Balliet

The 3rd and final episode in our "Manufacturing Miniseries" and Episode 7 of the Analytics Anecdotes podcast. A podcast created by Tony Olson and Arin Olson (no relation) to discuss data, analytics, data science, and AI strategies from leaders and professionals within the industry. 

Lizeth Medina-Balliet

In this episode of the Podcast, we are speaking with Lizeth Medina-Balliet. Lizeth is the Sr. Manager of Advanced Data Science at Neenah Enterprises. We also have a special guest host, our own Virginia Maus. In this conversation, these two leaders in analytics discuss Lizeth's perspective of data science and analytics in manufacturing. The role that these capabilities play and the value they can have if applied correctly. 

We had a fun conversation with Lizeth and we discuss some of the exciting challenges that she has faced within the manufacturing industry as it pertains to data and analytics. 

If you want to connect with Lizeth, you can find her LinkedIn profile here

Enjoy the show!

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