New Thread™ Plugin Creates Powerful Data Documentation for Dataiku Users

As a consulting partner of Dataiku since 2018 and one of the top 35 Dataiku users in the world, Excelion Partners continues to maximize the value of our customers' Dataiku investment and drive success through data.  Our newly created Thread™ plugin is a powerful showcase of this partnership at work on behalf of our clients. 

A unique catalog and lineage tool, Thread™ directly integrates with Dataiku and its datasets allowing a single location to document data connected to Dataiku. This single location equips clients with the power to consume the catalog's contents and view upstream/downstream data lineage efficiently.

Hundreds of joint Excelion Partners and Dataiku clients have already deployed Thread™ and experienced:

  • Increased efficiency through documentation
  • Improved measurement of data governance
  • Streamlined onboarding and training
  • Cost and resource savings

Thread™ has recently been showcased as a submission for the Dataiku Frontrunner Awards in the categories of Partner Acceleration and Moonshot Pioneers. Check out our spotlight and find out how Thread™ could enhance your Dataiku experience!

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