Excelion Receives Dataiku Emerging SI Partner of the Year Award

Dataiku, a leading global Enterprise AI and machine learning platform, has named Excelion Partners as their 2020 Emerging SI Partner of the Year. 

Technology and Talent in Harmony

This award for Excelion comes on the heels of Dataiku being awarded a Leader status in both Gartner and Forrester for data science and machine learning platforms. Only one of 3 organizations in the world to be named as a Leader in both.

The partnership between Excelion and Dataiku creates a compelling offering with harmony between technology and talent for companies looking to start, grow, or scale their advanced analytics and data science solutions. 

Excelion’s commitment to high quality service delivery standards and ability to drive meaningful client engagement is exactly what we value in our emerging SI partners. We’re thrilled to recognize them as our Americas Emerging SI Partner of the Year and Gold level partner in 2020 and look forward to continued joint success in our future work together.

- Michael Hortatsos, VP, Partnerships @ Dataiku

Excelion is also excited about the partnership's future.

Dataiku increases our ability to drive successful AI and ML outcomes with our clients. It allows us to build AI solutions for our clients in a repeatable, scalable fashion while consulting clients on a strategy for growth and continued return on investment. We are looking forward to the continued partnership with Dataiku and the valuable impact we will make on our client's businesses together.

- Greg Oppermann, President @ Excelion Partners

Clients have found this partnership especially effective when pairing Dataiku with Excelion's data science retainer services. Excelion helps clients adopt Dataiku and accelerate their path to Enterprise AI through:

  • Training and coaching on Dataiku and data science
  • Establishing monthly goals
  • Sizing and prioritizing work
  • Building and operationalizing data science and machine learning solutions for clients
  • Working with leadership to demonstrate the impact of AI efforts

Needless to say, both organizations are looking forward to continued client success.

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