Brief Strategies for Dataiku Employee Training

The ever-changing nature of software can mean two things for an organization: The positive benefit of automation and the employee dissatisfaction of having to relearn new technologies, constantly. The downtime of employee retraining  can also be cost-inefficient. These are inevitable challenges resulting from modern automation and software solutions. Though each software solution has a different level of difficulty when training, some strategies discussed below can help alleviate the unavoidable hurdles.

Difficulties of Training New Systems

New software platforms can bring a high learning curve for most untrained employees. Even when a team is trained a new platform contains new methodologies and ways to use their system that will challenge the most resilient employees. The worst part is this can happen one to several times a year with the number of new solutions out there. It’s hard to see why this should be done in a company after these hurdles. However, benefits to new analytics and AI systems are obvious and a requirement for enterprise evolution.


Benefits of Retraining into a new System

The benefits of acquiring a new AI and analytics software solution are numerous. For example, the reframing of business rules into analytics solutions that provide business-wide benefits, the discovery of hidden trends in data, customer behavior analysis, automatic risk factor assignments, customer trend predictions and other valuable insights. This can lead to better product development and greater employee productivity, which in turn can make the business more successful as an organization. This applies to many aspects of your business, from product development planning to customer service to marketing.

Processes that used to be manual are now being automated with high levels of accuracy by analytics and AI. All modern companies are jumping on the wagon of leveraging their data or risk falling behind in the benefits of analytics. Though data projects require a team to be set up, the cost is outset by the many benefits of analytics and repurposing of staff from automated processes. 

With this idea, we now break-down some simple tactics to transition into these new software solutions. The transition to the new solution, in this example Dataiku, should be fast, cost efficient and make the retraining easy for employees. The main training modules will be analytics and the Dataiku product interface itself.


Analytics Training

The main stakeholders for this section of the training are the analysts (or citizen data scientists) and data scientists. Employees have a hard time getting to use the new technologies when they are already used to another. At this stage incentives are required. This means, time saving benefits not just for the company overall but also for each individual employee. The training should come from trained analytics professionals in the context of the enterprise’s goals. In the case of Dataiku and ourselves at Excelion, both analytics and software solution training as well as trained professionals are provided. 

Whatever the final choice of your organization in choosing the right analytics solution, a team of experts must first be assembled before attempting to train new employees. This avoids down-time and road hurdles preventing immediate business benefits.


Dataiku Product Training

The previous section highlights the analytics training part of the program. However, in the case of Dataiku the software interface will also require additional training. This training is also provided by Dataiku and us here at Excelion Partners. It’s important to understand that even though the analytics training section requires a team of experts, the software interface can be used by almost anyone. Dataiku has provided a low knowledge curve interface to be used by any stakeholder in an organization. 

This doesn’t mean this section of the product interface comes without training. Some training is always desirable and necessary for a smooth transition into new tools. Dataiku makes this easy by implementing visual data prep for the clickers, code notebooks for the coders, and AutoML in a visual interface that is available for everyone to see and utilize securely. Since Dataiku is a cloud or on-prem solution it means all data and tools are available from any location for any enterprise. All these features make a transition into the software interface easier. The same professional used to train employees in analytics can be used to train the rest of the employees in the software interface. A win-win situation.


General Training Tactics

A recommended approach to enable employee acceptance of new software solutions is to start rolling out training in pieces, with due time in advance. Instead of having employees adjusting to new, big solutions suddenly, it’s better to separate the new solution into smaller sections of training. A company-wide email with a prompt due date is not the way to entice employees of a new software solution. Instead, a small transition announcement is the best way. Give plenty of advance notice and be clear in your correspondence of how the solution will benefit the company and make their jobs easier.

Once information is provided and employees are informed of the new changes, it’s now the time to incentivize them to use the new software features. The incentive can come in the form of replacing their current tasks with their new training. Employees can be gathered for the new training providing a refreshing new set of tasks to their usual jobs. Providing employees with some facts on how the new system will make their jobs easier is motivation enough for most. 

The new platform training should come in the form of split sessions as opposed to a long conference. This way the information given is retained more easily. For employees in remote sessions a virtual presentation, interactive demos or short videos will do the job.


Summary For Training Tactics

Dataiku and Excelion Partners make the integration of their valuable services easy. As we previously discussed, a professional team of analysts and data scientists is first created. This is the driving force for employee training. This team can be created in house or we can help you with this here at Excelion.

The assembled team can be reused for training on Dataiku’s interface. Their interface is created for non-technical individuals and even upper management can take advantage of the data visualization capabilities. The interface is also extensible and will be used also by the technical team. 

For more information on the implementation for Dataiku, their tools and necessary expert team contact us here at Excelion for more information.